The Hank Norton Fieldhouse is home to the Ferrum men's and women’s wrestling programs. The stand alone wrestling facility houses a brand new academic center with tutors on site, a new men's locker room, coaches offices and the wrestling practice room.

Wrestling Room:

Dedicated wrestling facility with state-of-the-art foam supported mat to reduce injuries and providinging a superior training environment. The wrestling room includes pull-up bars, Airdyne bikes, throwing dummies, suples bulgarian bags, Thera resistance bands and climbing ropes to help get you to the next level.


Big Green Room: (4,000-foot)

Several double racks with pull-up bars, dips and TRX suspension systems
Two full sets of Troy Ferrum logo dumbbells
Six inlaid platforms with Eleiko Olympic plates
Four glute-ham machines
1,000 square feet of speed turf
Custom build resistence band training system
Auxiliary equipment - Prowler sleds, medicine balls, plyo boxes, jump ropes and hurdles


Author and Moore Halls:

  • Air conditioned

  • single gender four-person apartments

  • centrally located on campus between the cafeteria and wrestling facility


Swartz Gymnasium